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Improve the value of assets. Cradle to Grave traceability (Part 2)

The value of an asset is directly related to the information that is known about its history. That’s why traceability is so incredibly important within the oil and gas industry. Assets not only need to function properly, but they also need to be financially viable. Especially now.

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Leave a better legacy for future engineers

The traceability of steel products is crucial. That’s why in this series we are looking at the Cradle to Grave traceability of steel. In this article, you will read more about the legacy of future engineers, and the impact that traceability will have on the world.

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Covid-19: an opportunity in the energy sector.

It is no secret that the energy industry is going through a difficult time. Investments are getting smaller, or sometimes even stopped. People are laid off and the number of orders is in free fall for some companies.

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Connecting the entire supply chain with one specifications checker

Imagine a supply chain in which all parties involved are able to save time and costs without being in each other’s way. Through blockchain technology and the innovative use of an online platform it is now possible to connect suppliers, labs, notified bodies, inspection agencies, manufacturers, stockists and end customers in just one system.

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Traceability improves recyclability

Circular steel is steel that goes back into the production chain after being recycled, to be used again as new and green steel. Recycling steel is good for the environment and climate, but it is far from being as efficient as it could be.

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Webinar: Counterfeiting in the steel industry for oil & energy.

SteelTrace is hosting another webinar, this time we touch on the topic of Counterfeiting in the Steel industry. Together with our guests Fergus Mason, Linepipe Manager – Middle East at Marubeni Itochu Steel Inc and Mark Walsh CQP MCQI Technical Director of Q-Sys Solutions we will touch upon the various topics surrounding counterfeit material and its consequences.

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5 ways to find out if an MTC (Material Test Certificate) is fake

We all find it annoying, but we know they exist: fakers in the steel industry. Counterfeiters of certificates not only undermine confidence in the steel supply chain, they sometimes even contribute to failures and errors within a project.

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Webinar: Saving costs while gaining control of the supply chain

Maintain quality while shaving on costs, the holy grail for every company with a high focus on quality. During this webinar, we will deep dive into the business case of SteelTrace. How to maintain quality, while even reducing costs.

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Webinar SteelTrace Blockchain in Oil&Gas Q&A

As a follow up to the previous webinar we held another one the 30th of May where we answered questions that arrived from the first one. We answered questions about how the onboarding of new users on SteelTrace worked, about how we handle the security part of SteelTrace and so forth. You can watch it below!

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Webinar: Blockchain in Oil & Gas

On April 9th 2020 SteelTrace organised its first webinar: Blockchain in Oil & Gas. The webinar had about 65 attendees from Oil & Gas company’s like Total, Fluor, Borealis etc. We gave an overview of the Blockchain Technology and gave a short demonstration on how we apply blockchain in the supply chain of steel.

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SteelTrace partners with Q-Sys

SteelTrace BV is pleased to announce its partnership with Q-Sys solutions to introduce and promote the use of our blockchain technology platform for material traceability and data integrity. Our CEO Tom Meulendijks says: “SteelTrace can benefit from Q-Sys’ experience with quality management and network in Oil & Gas to accelerate our mission to remove friction and improving transparency in the supply chain of steel.” Q-Sys has over 20 years of experience in implementing ISO certifications, auditing of common ISO management systems such as 9001, 14001 and 45001 as well providing a full-service suite from initial supplier sourcing and evaluation through to product delivery. They work with companies like Subsea7, Lloyds Register, FTR and Barnshaws group.

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Will the True Digital signature stand up?

We are often told by Steel companies that they already digitally sign their certificates. Curiosity forces us to ask, how then? The answer: an authorised person copy & pastes an image of a written signature. In our opinion that’s a digital image of a signature, not exactly a “Digital Signature”. The receiver of the certificate can never really verify whether it is real.

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