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2022 Roadmap

In our last blog post, we went over the progress we made during 2021. And now, we want to focus on what we plan to (and will) achieve during 2022. Here is our roadmap for 2022!

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2021 was an important year for SteelTrace. We have made a lot of progress towards our company mission, “Providing cradle-to-grave traceability for the steel supply chain”. And before we reveal what we have in store for this year, here are some of our main breakthroughs of 2021

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How MEGA certifies their materials with Blockchain

MEGA has been an early customer of SteelTrace since 2018. SteelTrace used the MEGA plant as a test case for the early version of the platform. Now MEGA certifies materials using SteelTrace. It helps them protect their products from counterfeiting as well as providing automated traceability for all steps of the production and testing.

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Smart things

The oil and gas industry is among those with the most to lose in the event of unforeseen accidents or maintenance issues. For this reason, several companies have harnessed advanced IT technology to create smarter maintenance strategies that can predict system weaknesses and diagnose inefficiencies. Oh shucks. You have just bought the groceries, loaded them […]

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How green is your furnace?

Ever since Great Britain’s industrial revolution, steel making has been an energy-intensive business. It has been, and still is, indissolubly linked with the coal industry. Indeed, the two industries at first depended on each other: steel needed coal to the smelt iron ore, and coal needed steel in the form of railway tracks to transport it to market.

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SteelTrace and Orange Delta announce partnership to service the Asia Pacific market

SteelTrace and Orange Delta have established a partnership, to be able to serve SteelTrace’s new clients in the Asia Pacific market. Orange Delta has an extensive network in this region. It therefore will be able to support SteelTrace to improve the supply chain provenance and digital transformation in the steel supply chain of the (petro)chemical industry in Asia Pacific.

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Is your lab / NDT department ready for your customer’s digital transformation?

Thanks to significant technological advances, a lot is happening in the field of digital transformation. Processes that have been perfected in recent decades can be made even more efficient thanks to new innovations. In this article, we describe the opportunities for the steel industry in digital transformation, focused on making laboratories and NDT companies future-proof.

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Reduction of insurance costs

When things go wrong in the oil and gas industry, the consequences are often disastrous. Not merely financially, but also for the environment. And despite the fact that the industry has been pushing its own standards of safety for decades, better-monitored safety margins are a welcome addition in order to continue pushing those standards in the years to come.

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Life extension of assets in the oil and gas industry

Suppose you buy an asset with hundreds of individual steel parts that should last for about ten years. Say, for example, a platform. Then those ten years are the guaranteed lifespan of your asset and the parts it consists of. But what if some parts could last longer? Through controlled use, reduced use or by finding out that the product hasn’t worn out yet?

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Improve the value of assets. Cradle to Grave traceability (Part 2)

The value of an asset is directly related to the information that is known about its history. That’s why traceability is so incredibly important within the oil and gas industry. Assets not only need to function properly, but they also need to be financially viable. Especially now.

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Leave a better legacy for future engineers

The traceability of steel products is crucial. That’s why in this series we are looking at the Cradle to Grave traceability of steel. In this article, you will read more about the legacy of future engineers, and the impact that traceability will have on the world.

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Covid-19: an opportunity in the energy sector.

It is no secret that the energy industry is going through a difficult time. Investments are getting smaller, or sometimes even stopped. People are laid off and the number of orders is in free fall for some companies.

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