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How Does it Work?

SteelTrace is a Digital Platform

It connects all actors in the supply chain from QA to Lab to Inspector through a web based application.

Each user has an interface related to their role in the process of certification or inspection. Labs have interfaces to add test results, inspectors have interface to endorse reports and QA’s have interfaces to certify material.

Data can be automatically retrieved from your systems.

SteelTrace combines everything on a work order, heat, lot, product level.

Trusted Verification Network

A diagram of the SteelTrace secure blockchain network

A diagram of the SteelTrace secure blockchain network

The SteelTrace Platform

Standardized view across all users

SteelTrace uses a standardized workflow and format when gathering data from manufacturers and suppliers.

All the data shared in the ecosystem is in a structured and standardized format.

This helps guarantee the completeness and coherency of the information and eliminate the silo effect.We will help you make quality and safety your top priorities.

Automated document control & verification

SteelTrace digitises specifications, allowing users to create digital rulesets that includes both international norms and customer specific (QCP / ITP) requirements.

The digital rulesets are applied to all incoming material data and automatically verify its compliance.

Traceability and digital signatures

SteelTrace has the capability for inspectors, operators, and QA/QC personnel to sign digitally.

This is done by generating a cryptographic key on a user’s phone that is unique. With that key the user can sign in the name of its company.

When using SteelTrace, everything that happens will be fully traceable, meaning you will always be able to know who did what, at which point in time.

Retrieve quality data in real-time

With the SteelTrace platform, quality-related data is captured directly from the mill.

Therefore, SteelTrace provides a centralized location, with a real-time overview of the data for all users, instead of papers and PDFs stored everywhere in offices.

This allows the users to have access to real-time insights during the production for all processes involved in the steel supply chain.

Big Numbers


Endorsed Test Results






Norms &

Why Blockchain?

How can we make sure…

That people who signed the documents are actually who they say they are and are qualified?

That data cannot be modified after it’s endorsed?

That only original manufacturers can create certificates in their name?

…that ALL of the above can be independently verified without exposing the data itself?

With Blockchain Technology!

By using blockchain technology, any information that involves people, actions and data is put in the blockchain and, therefore, is stored irrefutably in time.

With blockchain, SteelTrace generates foolproof digital identities and signatures, that are cryptographically stored and ensured.

Blockchain makes it impossible for unqualified users to create certificates. Only the right people can endorse data (e.g., inspectors, level 3 QAs).

Blockchain makes everything always traceable, as users can see who signed what, at what point in time.

Users can independently verify if data is authentic and unchanged, while maintaining privacy of the data.

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