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Privacy Statement

SteelTrace is a SaaS platform that automates the entire MTC process from mill to end product, providing a central quality data-hub, to which all parties can contribute.

The protection of personal data is very important to SteelTrace.

SteelTrace respects your privacy and ensures that your personal information is always treated confidentially and following applicable laws and regulations.

SteelTrace platform

The SteelTrace platform processes user identity data like name and email to uphold a user account. The legal base is the performance of a contract with our customers, the employers of our users. As name and function are important parameters in the trust chain of the platform, they are not deleted. Your email can be deleted after leaving the platform as a user.

We must mention that SteelTrace also processes IP addresses for error monitoring with Sentry. Personal data are kept to a minimum, but the processed ones are necessary for the proper functioning of the SteelTrace platform. Error monitoring data are kept for 90 days before being deleted.

The SteelTrace Platform stores all customer data on secure servers located exclusively in the United States and the European Economic Area (EEA). Regardless of where our users are based, we adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles, applying its stringent privacy and security measures to protect all personal information.

A showcase for our dedication to data protection is our ISO27001 certificate.

Request for information, access, rectification, or erasure of your personal data will always be discussed with the data controller, our customer.

The SteelTrace Platform is using AWS, Hetzner, MongoDB & Sentry as a sub-processors.

Website, newsletter, and business contacts

We process contact details for business and marketing purposes collected over the website, newsletter subscription, or social media like LinkedIn. We assume consent when you subscribe to the newsletter or contact us for information.

We do not share, sell, or buy business contact information. We keep contact information for up to two years after the last contact.

A request for information, access, rectification, or erasure of your personal data can be made over the contact form, with details at the bottom of this page. For the newsletter, you can use the unsubscribe function.

Website is using Captcha, Hotjar, Mailchimp, Pipidrive and Gmail as sub-processors.

Complaints and/or Questions

Complaints and/or questions about privacy, cookies, or exercising your privacy rights can be sent to us over the contact form. The contact form also shows our company identity details. The contact form is also the best way to contact our privacy officer. If you are unsatisfied with our answers, you can file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens). You can contact us at our contact page.


When you visit our website, cookies will be placed on your computer or internet-enabled device. We use two key types of cookies: required/functional and analytical/performance cookies. We do not use marketing cookies.

Analytical/performance cookies are only loaded if you consent to their use (see Cookie Consent below).

Required/Functional Cookies

These cookies allow us to record your privacy choices, log the dismissal of our automated newsletter popup, and help ensure security on our various on-site forms.

These are required to allow the site to function and may be loaded on the site automatically.

Cookie Name Description
tracking_consent Used to record the decision made by the user to allow all cookies, or only allow functional cookies.
newsletter_hidden Set after the user has dismissed the automated ‘sign up for our newsletter’ pop up, to prevent it automatically reappearing.

In addition, we use hCaptcha to provide security on our various on-site forms (e.g. the Contact Form and the Newsletter Sign Up Form). Whilst hCaptcha may not directly store cookies on your browser, it does collect some information to protect against spam and bots whilst remaining GDPR-compliant. Please see the hCaptcha Privacy Policy for more details.

Analytical/Performance Cookies

These cookies allow us to analyse the usage of our site, so that we can review and improve on the user experience of the site. They also allow us to engage with potential customers who submit forms on this site in a proactive and relevant fashion.

NOTE: Unless you consent to allow all cookies, none of the cookies below are set, and the associated code is not loaded.


We host our own instance of Mautic to help us engage with our customers. We use it to monitor how our marketing campaigns work for potential customers, by tracking which form(s) you submit (e.g. to get our blockchain guide), and seeing which follow-up emails that we send you result in you clicking to visit our site again. This helps us fine-tune our communications with potential customers.

We do not share any of the collected information with third parties.

We use the following cookies in our Mautic installation:

Cookie Name Description
mautic_device_id Used by Mautic to track the Contact for either the tracking pixel or if the same key is not found in the browser’s local storage for the monitored site.
mtc_id Stores the Mautic ID of the tracked Contact. It was used for tracking prior to Mautic 2.13 but is no longer used and kept for BC reads.
mautic_referer_id Stores a reference to the last tracked page for the Contact and used by Mautic to determine when a Contact exits a page they visited.
mtc_sid Deprecated cookie that is the same as mautic_device_id. It is no longer actively used by Mautic but kept for BC reads.

For more details, please read the Mautic Contact Tracking page.


We host our own instance of Matomo analytics as a privacy-focussed alternative to Google Analytics. We use it to track which pages you visit, so that we can better understand which pages on our site are the most popular, and to optimize the content of our site to ensure you can get access to the information you need, quickly and easily. We also use it to analyse where in the world our visits are coming from, and where our visitors found our site.

We do not share any of the collected information with third parties.

We use the following cookies in our Matomo installation:

Cookie Name Description
_pk_id* Stores a few details about the user such as the unique visitor ID.
_pk_ref* Used to store the attribution information, the referrer initially used to visit the website.
_pk_cvar* Short lived cookie (expires after 30 minutes) used to temporarily store data for the visit.
_pk_ses* Short lived cookie (expires after 30 minutes) used to temporarily store data for the visit.
  • The cookies start with this text, and will have a unique ending, e.g. _pk_ref.1.1234

For more details, please read the Matomo Cookie Details FAQ.

Marketing Cookies

We do not use marketing cookies.

Cookie Consent

Analytical/performance cookies are only loaded if you agree via our ‘Cookie Consent’ dialogue, which displays when you first visit the site.

You may change your decision at any time via the ‘Change Cookie Consent’ link in the page footer. Revoking consent will delete the analytical/performance cookies listed above.

For more information about this you can visit the website

Changes and updates to this Privacy Statement

From time to time, SteelTrace may update or change this Privacy Statement. Therefore, please regularly consult this Privacy Statement.

This Privacy Statement was updated on February 20 2024