Press release: SteelTrace announces selection by Chevron Technology Ventures for Esteemed Catalyst Program

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Your hub for quality data management

Quality managers struggle with traceability and quality management of steel products. It’s a manual, time-consuming, and opaque process prone to human error and unauthorised data manipulation.

SteelTrace fixes this with trusted, simple, and transparent traceability secured by blockchain technology.

How It Works

1. Customer Digitize Requirements
2. Supplier Enter
the Data
3. Supplier Secure
the Data
4. Customer Automatic Checking

SteelTrace Solution

For Operators & EPCs

Have access to a full picture of your assets’ quality -related data, in real-time, fully traceable and on a secure digital space.

We will help you make quality and safety your top priorities.

For Manufacturers

Protect your material certificates and offer your customers real-time information, in a structured format, by being part of the SteelTrace ecosystem.

We will help you ensure traceability and supply chain provenance.

Why SteelTrace?

“With SteelTrace you certify products in real time during the production process. […] All steps are automatically recorded irrefutably in time using blockchain and there for traceable and transparent to their customer”

Mauro Angeretti, Owner - M.E.G.A

“Standardization of the certificate layout combined with automated checks increases the efficiency of the review.”

Wim Poppe, Sr. Inspection & Quality Engineer / Corrosion Engineer - TotalEnergies