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Collect quality data
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Quality and Asset lifecycle management doesn't have to be a data mess.
Do you recognise this?

My email inbox is overflowing with e-mails from suppliers.
I don't have enough time to review all information I receive.
I feel like an archaeologist when trying to find information.
I often don't know what documents I still need to receive.
I don't always trust the information that I need to approve.
I struggle to find the data I need because it is not searchable.
I receive data that is often incomplete or unreadable.
My inspectors spend countless hours double-checking information.
I feel like making data visualizations is difficult and too much work.

With SteelTrace your world looks different.

1 Have one location where all data from suppliers would come in.
2 All data is automatically organized on project and order level.
3 Each supplier would supply data in the same format.
4 Data is stored in a way it never gets lost.
5 Your specifications would be digital.
6 All data would be automatically verified.
7 Inspectors would work directly in that platform.
8 Data would talk to you through visualisations.

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You can continue as it is and...

Wait years for a data standard to be created
Keep experiencing project delays
Approve incomplete or inaccurate information
Deal with questionable material test records
Build up bad documentation for your assets

...or you take the first step today:

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Products Certified

"With SteelTrace you certify products in real time during the production process. [...] All steps are automatically recorded irrefutably in time using blockchain and therefore traceable and transparent to their customer."

"Standardization of the certificate layout combined with automated checks increases the efficiency of the review."

Total Energies Chevron Subsea 7 M.E.G.A QTC International Element

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See how digital inspection workflows look like
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4 pitfalls when trying to digitally integrate with manufacturers

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