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Biometrics login and signing

You can now use biometrics in the SteelTrace app to login and sign!

Published on Thursday June 23, 2022 by Tom Meulendijks

We are happy to announce that SteelTrace has recently made an important update in the mobile app. It is now possible to use biometrics authentication to login into the app and sign certificates.

Log in with biometrics

What is biometrics authentication? And what are its benefits?

Biometrics are measurements and analysis of people’s unique physical characteristics, such as face recognition or fingerprint scanning.
Biometrics are used as identity verification methods to guarantee secure access to systems.

The top three reasons why SteelTrace decided to introduce biometrics are:

  1. Security: Biometrics are safer than traditional passwords, since there is no risk of someone copying passwords and getting access to the data. Biometrics are linked to a single individual, who needs to be present at the time of identification, meaning that only that specific person can access the app at the desired time.
  2. Fast access: Remembering and typing a long, secure, and hard password can take a long time. Thanks to biometrics, this is not necessary anymore. You can scan your face or fingertips and open the app instantly.
  3. Convenience: As we know we shouldn’t use the same passwords for several apps or websites. However, it is often easier and convenient to do so. Biometrics help you in this by providing a safe, unique and quick access to the data, avoiding the use of the same easy-to-remember passwords over and over again.

SteelTrace app

SteelTrace is a digital platform that captures quality data in real-time, directly from the source, including digital signatures and endorsements.

With the SteelTrace signer app, you can easily and instantly sign material certificates. How? You create your account on the SteelTrace app, which will be your digital identity. You can then log in and sign documents, by identifying yourself using biometrics. Once the signing process is successful, signatures are safely stored and traceable back to its source.

Sign with biometrics

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