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Total validated SteelTrace on the order of an ASTM A928 Cl.1 S31803 pipe.

This pilot consisted of an A/B test, where the existing process was compared to the new process. A real order was traced, wherein all test data was directly entered into the SteelTrace platform and automatically verified against the relevant international standards and specifications.

Total E&P Netherlands

Inox Tech supplied the pipe for the pilot with Total

Quality Managers must spend many hours collating data from external parties like laboratories and NDT companies. They must organise documents and manually control data supplied in PDF form, etc. SteelTrace collects the data directly at the laboratory or NDT company and allows them to digitally sign reports. SteelTrace also organises this information automatically at a product level. The only thing the Quality Manager has to do is review and sign digitally. SteelTrace can also be configured to receive information directly from compatible Laboratory or NDT machines.

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