True supply chain provenance

Solid like titanium

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As an operator of chemical, oil and gas or petrochemical facilities, safety is your top priority. You want to have the full picture of your assets and as much traceable information as possible without storing containers full of papers. SteelTrace offers the missing link. The SteelTrace platform gathers all quality-related data for steel products in real-time for the end-user to view. All data is digitally secured using blockchain technology and is fully traceable back to the source.

Life extension

The assets you own will hopefully last for at least the period they were designed to. But what if you wanted to extend their lifecycles? The more you know about the manufacturing and usage of each part, the easier it will be to limit the modifications required to extend the life of an asset.

Digitally secured

All data is digitally secured using blockchain technology. Whenever a user takes responsibility for the data by digitally signing it, cryptographic proof of that data responsibility is stored in the blockchain and can never be changed.

Compliance by design

With standardisation and digital specifications, SteelTrace can detect mistakes early on in the process or even prevent faulty products from continuing in the production process. This is compliance by design in its truest form. Customers no longer have to check after receipt of information but are able to predetermine what the supply chain reports in the first place.


SteelTrace is designed with the user in mind. Each interface and workflow has been extensively tested on its usability. The result? An intuitive and easy-to-learn application.


With SteelTrace, all data inputs are fully traceable back to their original source. The author, the date and time of input are always transparently available.

Automated quality management

By digitising both the international norms, customer-specific requirements and the data provided by the supplier in a semantic form, the control process is automated and instant.

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