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As an EPC you deal with thousands of material test certificates, MRB’s and inspection reports. How can you keep track of all those documents, verify their contents and verify their authenticity? SteelTrace is a platform that allows you to gather all this information in one standardised format and automatically verify its contents.

Digital rulesets

SteelTrace allows EPC’s to convert international norms and customer-specific specifications into digital rulesets which are applied to certificates and reports, eliminating manual labour. These rulesets can then be applied to each certificate or report that comes in eliminating manual labour. As well as increased efficiency, this eliminates areas where human error can occur.

Structured data

When a supplier is also using the SteelTrace platform they enter data directly instead of creating paper or PDF reports and the platform stores all of the semantic data. The benefit of that is that the platform van stores the semantic data. In other words, the SteelTrace platform can understand what the data means. This is how digital rule sets can be applied but allows for much more. Having a structured database of all tests ever performed makes data analysis possible. It helps with making informed decisions for life extension and due dilligence. 

Digitally secured MTC’s

SteelTrace provides your suppliers with the ability to digitally secure their certificates in a way that nobody can modify or falsify them. When you receive a SteelTrace certificate you can be sure that it is authentic. SteelTrace utilises blockchain technology to enable you to verify the authenticity and the originality of the documentation you receive.

Upload Portal

For suppliers not yet on the platform, SteelTrace provides an upload portal when suppliers can upload their traditional certificates. The certificates are then automatically categorised by order number, line item and project name so they become instantly available to the correct person within your organisation. When a certificate is uploaded, it is digitally secured and acts as a starting point for continuing in the SteelTrace workflow just as a digital MTC made in Steeltrace would, except it has no structured data associated with it. 

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