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SteelTrace gathers all quality-related data for steel products in real-time. All test data, digital signatures and witness signatures are directly entered by the Laboratory or NDT company and automatically verified.

SteelTrace provides digital and secure material certification. It offers protection against fake certificates and integrates processes with your suppliers. Customers are embracing the digital transformation. This means they are asking more from mills and want real-time information in a structured format, to ensure traceability and supply chain provenance.

Protection against fakes

Each certificate or report created in SteelTrace is digitally secured and can only be created with a cryptographic key that only the mill has access to. No one else can create certificates in his name or modify the ones he created.

Most certificates relate to quantities of parts and need to be split if a only a reduced quantity is sold. e.g. If ten pipes are bought, you can only sell ten pipes.

The customer portal

SteelTrace users can publish their certificates to a digital portal where the customer can download them in the format they prefer. A mathematical proof of the downloaded data is secured within the blockchain.

Integrations with ERP

SteelTrace has an Application Programming Interface (API) that seamlessly integrates with viable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). No double work but using the best of both worlds. Digital output from viable manufacturing or inspection machines can be imported into SteelTrace.

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