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Customers are embracing digital transformation. This means they are asking more from laboratories/ NDT companies. Customers want real-time information which is also in a structured data format so they can automate and do their analysis. It is imperative for laboratories/ NDT companies to join the revolution and start digitalising its service to customers. 

Protect your integrity

As a laboratory/ NDT companies, your reputation is everything but as soon as your data leaves your company how can you make sure that no one tampers with it? The answer: you can utilise blockchain technology to store mathematical proofs of your data. But where to start? SteelTrace provides a branded portal where your customers can download the information they require. Never again can anyone change reports you have issued or create fake reports in your name.

Branded portal

Digitisation means data, but how can you make sure you keep you branding? Right now a report is your product, and anyone reading your report knows it came from you and derives value from it. Providing just the data means you lose that branding. With SteelTrace we provide a branded portal where you customers can download the information they need. When the customer is using SteelTrace your branding will always be present on the report.

The ecosystem

How do you fit into the ecosystem of SteelTrace? Labs/ NDT companies are important independent companies that are part of the backbone of quality management. Labs/ NDT companies play an important and integral role in the SteelTrace platform. They execute the tests and provide the test data to the manufacturer. When your customers are on SteelTrace, you seamlessly integrate into their process eliminating the need for creating report files, documents, etc. Test data can be entered at the test site and immediately verified against the requirements. Your customer has instant access to the data provided. 

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