Transparency and efficiency for the supply chain of steel

The missing link for your digital transformation

SteelTrace provides complete transparency, far greater efficiency and full traceability throughout the whole supply chain of steel. This starts with Manufacturers, ends with Operators and includes EPC’s, Inspectors, Stockists, Labs and NDT, as detailed individually in each of the product module links below. The SteelTrace platform fully protects all users from counterfeit testing, certification and products, etc. A supply chain that uses SteelTrace has compliance by design instead of by control. Each module can be utilised independently by the relevant SteelTrace user but provides value for every user in the supply chain through transparency, efficiency and traceability. When used together, SteelTrace seamlessly integrates the process of quality management throughout the full supply chain making many administration burdens redundant whilst increasing efficiency and removing the possibility of counterfeiting any part of the supply chain.

True supply chain provenance

Solid like titanium

As on operator of large chemical and petrochemical plants you want to make sure you have as little incidents as possible. You also want to have a full picture of your asset and as much detailed information as possible without having to store containers full of papers. The SteelTrace platform is the missing link.

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A birds eye view of the supply chain

Efficiency is here

As an EPC you deal with thousands of material test certificates, MRB’s and inspection reports. How can you keep track of all those documents, verify their contents and verify their authenticity? SteelTrace is a platform that allows you to gather all this information in one standardised format and automatically verify its contents.

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Your brand fully protected

Strong like iron

SteelTrace gathers all quality-related data of steel products in real-time. All test data, digital signatures, witness signatures directly entered by the Laboratory or NDE company and automatically verified.

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Certificate management for stockists

Never again a missing piece

Sourcing the product your customer wants, exactly as they want it is your expertise. You have the network of suppliers and the knowledge to combine specifications of multiple customers into one specification for the manufacturer. But how do you keep control over the flow or certificates and specifications? SteelTrace provides a workflow for certificate handling hand verifying the certificates against your specifications.

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Real time reporting for inspectors

Protect your integrity

As an inspection company, you are the safety belt of the industry. You make sure that everyone does what they say they do. SteelTrace offers a way of servicing your customer as you have never been able to before, in real-time. SteelTrace also offer a way for you to report digitally secured documents that can never be changed. 

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Your reputation is everything

Is your lab ready for the future?

Customers are embracing digital transformation. That means they are asking more from laboratories. They want real-time information, and information in a structured data format so they can automate and do their analyses. Laboratories must join in the revolution and start digitalising its service to its customers. 

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