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Our learnings from the JIP33 conference

Five important things to consider in the energy industry

Published on Thursday December 7, 2023 by Anna Andreatti

In October 2023 SteelTrace had the chance of flying to Norway to attend the JIP33 conference.

We have decided to briefly share our main five learnings after attending the event.

1. When to start

In order to use the JIP-33 standard it is important to start in the feed stage to get all parties aligned. Thus, our learning is to make sure you know you will use JIP-33 from the design phase so that you can get all parties involved aligned from the beginning.

2. Change management

Trying something new is a risk, so it’s safer to stick to what you know. To achieve change, get high level buy in and make adoption a requirement. If it’s not mandatory, people will tend to stick to what they know and resist change.

3. Saving costs

If everyone adopts the standard, manufacturers will know what to expect and will be able to drive down costs. “Gold plated” requirements can still be cheaper at scale.

4. Involve suppliers

As mentioned in the first point, it is important to involve suppliers early. However, it is also extremely important to makes sure you know what you’re asking. Customers sometimes rely on their suppliers for expertise .

5. Standardization

Standardization leads to efficiency and enables digitization, meaning that in order to reap the benefits of digitization we need standards, not only on requirements, but also on the data exchange formats.

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