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Is your lab / NDT department ready for your customer’s digital transformation?

Innovation opportunities for labs and NDT

Published on Wednesday December 30, 2020 by Tom Meulendijks

Thanks to significant technological advances, a lot is happening in the field of digital transformation. Processes that have been perfected in recent decades can be made even more efficient thanks to new innovations. In this article, we describe the opportunities for the steel industry in digital transformation, focused on making laboratories and NDT companies future-proof.

A difficult situation

Laboratories and NDT companies sometimes have to deal with challenges. As an independent link in the supply chain, it is crucial that independence is safeguarded and that the company’s integrity is maintained. Therefore, changes in the area of digitisation are also an opportunity for both Laboratories and NDT companies.

Especially when it comes to providing test reports, at this moment, these documents are often still delivered in PDF format or even on paper, after which you, no longer have any influence on what happens to them. When the entire supply chain works following the same system, all parties ensure transparency and reliability.

Digitised documents

The method of delivering and verifying documents is about to reach a tipping point in the coming years. The steel and oil industry already has a few front runners, such as Saudi Aramco, Total and Chevron Investing. They recognised that digitisation works more efficiently, thanks to faster processing speed, increased reliability and improved traceability.

But there are more companies like these three. And they too will want to receive their documents mainly digitally in the near future. That is why test companies must prepare themselves for this new way of data processing.

After all, only the laboratories and NDT companies that facilitate what tomorrow’s customer needs will win the orders! Because it is these companies that do everything in their power to increase their customer’s efficiency. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware that there will be a shift in how we will deal with data in the future.

How one online platform can transform the industry

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. What we can make today was a dream of the future five years ago. Today, thanks to Blockchain technology and a solid online platform, it is possible to process all produced steel pieces in one online database. There, all data is available in real-time, traceable and verifiable everywhere.

For laboratories, NDT companies and manufacturers, this is a practical application because it allows data to be exchanged directly. This makes the supply chain a lot more productive and faster for everyone.


With SteelTrace, we see this digital transformation unfold before our eyes. Different organisations are now using our platform and the results are incredibly positive. Manufacturers and end customers are enthusiastic about the reliable data it produces and with laboratories and NDT companies indicating that the technology needs to be implemented.

To ensure that the transition towards the digital world runs as smoothly as possible, SteelTrace has built a hybrid platform. Laboratories and NDT companies that have not yet reached this digitised state can also switch to our hybrid platform system before making the transition to fully digital data processing.

Do you want to ensure that your company will be able to meet customer requests in the future as well?

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