Find oud how tamper proof, automatically verified
MTR’s can work for you.

Eliminates out-dated paper systems (PDF files for example)

Utilises digital signatures, eliminating risk of data tampering (no more fake certificates)

Real time transfer of information between interested parties (mills, labs, EPC, end user)

Fully automated
MTR review

You are in good company

One solution for the
whole supply chain

  • Reduces delays in reviewing and receiving lab reports
  • Instant ‘stamp & sign’ of testing and production reports
  • Real time creation and approval of inspection records at the lab
  • Instantly accessible data around the world – reduces email traffic and review/approval times
  • Possibility for remote verification and signing of lab test results, reports and certificates
  • Full traceability and transparency of material from forming of raw material (plate & ingots for example) to product installation (pipe, bends, flanges, valves, fittings etc.)
  • Run along side you ERP system

An easy to use platform to run along side your ERP.