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Sourcing the product your customer wants, exactly as they want it, is your expertise. You have the network of suppliers and the knowledge to combine specifications of multiple customers into one specification for the manufacturer. But how do you keep control over the flow or certificates and specifications? SteelTrace provides a workflow for certificate handling and verification against your specifications.

The specifications checker

The Steeltrace specifications checker can be configured to verify you and your customer’s specifications automatically. When your supplier is using SteelTrace, they will be notified automatically during the production process if the test results are not within the limits specified by you. 

A semantic product database

SteelTrace builds up a structured database of all your products including all underlying certificate data. This can be utilised to provide an easy text search to find products based on certain chemical values, test results, test circumstances such temperature, etc. It can also be used to verify existing certification against any new client specifications.

Laboratory/NDT integration

When upgrading a product or batch with new test results, SteelTrace provides an easy paperless workflow. The user can invite a lab, registered on the digital certificate, to provide test results. The lab then enters the test results at the testing location and digitally signs them. The results then appear instantly on your digital certificate. 

Long term archiving

All certificates that moves through the SteelTrace system are automatically archived. The user no longer needs to worry about managing an archive for compliance.

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